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The West Lothian Question

The West Lothian Question. Our 25th anniversary investigation of the alleged UFO incident near Livingston in 1979. Interviews with Bob Taylor, "the most unlikely man on earth to invent a story", forensic scientists, astrophysicists, and the police officer who investigated the incident as an assault.

From Our Home Correspondent, on BBC Radio 4:

Boys Night at St Patrick's Primary School, Denny

In general kids do better at school when both parents are involved in supporting their learning. Schools in Scotland have been urged to"work hard" to engage with fathers including non-resident dads. The 'Boys Nights' at St Patrick's primary school in Denny is an example of how it's done. March 2017.


From Our Home Correspondent has grown from BBC Radio 4's long-running foreign reportage strand, From Our Own Correspondent. Here's my piece from September 2016 taking a sideways look at the liveliness of Scots language as it is spoken outside the political mainstream.